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reserves for himself as the »First person Narrative« the sovereignty of interpretation over all events.

This novel was written in honour of a nearly unknown soldier of the Third Reich. The petty corporal Eugen Wasner tells his comrade soldiers 1943 on the Eastern Front, the story of the »Bite of the Billygoat« in the Austrian Leonding then 45 years ago.

He, Hitler’s school mate, was present, as the nine-year-old »Adi« in the course of a test of courage peed the billygoat into its mouth - the billygoat however immediately took his revenge for the childish iniquity , snapping up and, with his knife sharp front teeth, biting him in his penis.

Hitler terribly punished Wasner for the proliferation of this story from childhood days.

But the revenge of the desecrated animal caught up time after time with his tormentor, the later mighty »Fuehrer« of the Germans, like a conciliatory justice - for the rest of his life!

The new book by Helmar Neubacher
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Wir sind DAS VOLK
Bruch der Schere zwischen Arm und Reich

Passend als „Weckruf” nach der Wahl zum 19. Bundestag in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland im September 2017

Die visionäre Qualität des beschriebenen Verfassungsentwurfs wird verdeutlicht durch die Sichtweise, Analyse und Bewertung dieser Verfassung durch ein fiktionales, viel weiter entwickeltes Volk. Dieses stellt die neue Verfassung der DDSR den eigenen uralten Erfahrungen beliebiger sogenannter demokratischer Entwürfe gegenüber, die am Ende doch nur politischen und damit ökonomischen Interessen gedient haben. Die Fiktion soll dem Leser eine andere, neue Perspektive auf die sogenannte demokratische Teilhabe aller Bürger eröffnen.

Print Book: 9,95 EUR
E-Book: 3,99 EUR (99 Cent erste 4 Wochen)
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2017
Language: German

PowerPoint presentation by the book author
Helmar Neubacher!

PowerPoint presentation by the book author Helmar Neubacher from Westerland


The Great Pyramid of Giza is the biggest of all pyramids and counts to the Seven Wonders of the World. Many mysteries and theories, especially concerning the method of its construction, revolve around it. How was it possible for the ancient Egyptians some 4,500 years ago to create such an architectural feat?
– to transport, lift and put in place more than 6 million tons of stone?

Those interested will hear which role the water of the Nile and the power of levers could have played in ancient Egypt, and why it is adequate to closely examine the present theories on the building of the pyramid. For years already Helmar Neubacher, who had spent years at see, has dedicated his time to the history, land and legends on this topic and has already published three books on the subject.
The presentation supplemented with descriptive model material.

Autor Helmar Neubacher, Jahrgang 1940

An informative PowerPoint presentation including an own theory on the colossal building held by the Graduate Engineer for Marine Engineering Helmar Neubacher on

Thursday the 29th of
March 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Thursday the 17th of
Maj 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Conference room "Alte Post"
25980 Westerland
PowerPoint presentation does not take place!

Tickets at the Box office 6 Ђ

»Immo«, a boy from the planet of »Tora« and his mother after a concept of the author Helmar Neubacher


You, honoured reader, will get to know this species if you read:

Fiction or Reality?

Once again:

Did human-like highly intelligent beings actually inhabit the Earth millions of years before our time?

Dr.Steven Green, a renowned UFO scientist is convinced:

"He is a combination of unknown DNA and human genotype"

The Question is: How is it possible that a being like "ATA" shows properties both human and alien?

Quite frequently apparent contradictions like

lie quite closely side by side.

Are the characters in Neubacher's novel

despite all differences, in the end one big family?

Is it that our "relatives" from the far Earth of "TORA" with the discovery of "ATA" show us what they look like — do they, by all means considerate and very carefully, disclose their identity to us humans?

The Key Issue:

Has our earth because of

Our earth is thus possibly unique amongst the billions x billions x billions… of celestial bodies in the infinitude of space!

This may, however, be no contradiction to that in a far future we humans may find one or more planets on which we can live — a ray of hope for the day on which we have finally ruined our earth!

The following text as a radio play:

Toraneans: Immo and his mother