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The new book by Helmar Neubacher with the title:
Titel: »Idealer Fьhrer« oder ZWEISTROM-SOZIALISMUS — Rettungsanker fьr die Menschheit? …die »Friedliche Revolution« des kleinen DDR - Volkes von 1989 lebt weiter Eine fiktive Streitschrift (Language: German)
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Humankind already today, 2019, finds itself at the crossroads — which is recognizable very clearly by the warning of Professor Steven Hawkins shortly before his death in 2018. He states analogously:

"Mankind must leave their Earth
within the next 100 years,
as they will have destroyed
this small terrestrial globe
by then."

As the famous physicist Hawkins knew quite well, that nine or ten billion of people would not be able to leave the Earth in that period of time, his admonition probably was meant to be an urgent appeal to mankind to turn away the downfall themselves — there’s nothing else for them to do anyway! Because humankind will not be capable of building the necessary large and fast spacecraft within 100 years, the only thing left for them is the rescue on location — the thought of "emigration" of mankind is thus only a dream. On the path to the self-rescue of the species "humans", after Neubacher’s disputation it is necessary first of all to eliminate the greatest scourge of mankind within the limits of the following demands:

"The gap between RICH and POOR has essentially to be closed".

The treatise which Neubacher titles “Fictitious Disputation”, for a fictitious country named DDSR begins in November of 1989, immediately after the friendly revolution of the small in numbers people of the German Democratic Republic (DDR). In those days there actually existed the only possibility to introduce socialism into a country that could bring to a people living in freedom, the long yearned for economical security — safeguarded by a progressive system of government — created by the people for the people. In Neubacher’s book the small people of the DDR 1989 does not let itself get pocketed by Chancellor Dr.Helmut Kohl and his entourage — no, the 17 million go their own way: The people together with their government of 1990/1991 create the successor state of their unloved DDR, the

GDSR (German Democratic-Socialist Republic)

The author constantly exchanges dialogs with "Immo", a student of the millions of years old and highly intelligent people of the "Toranians" — situated on a far distant earth in the Andromeda Galaxy. The author employs this artificial character, to introduce his personal opinion into the "internal discussion" in the course of the development of a new economic system. "Immo" observes, analyzes and evaluates the proceedings on "Humanearth", without himself intervening into the processes themselves. With the aid of this far distant highly developed culture it is continuously possible for the author to scrutinize and accomplish his ideas on democracy and economics, combined with the search for an "Ideal Leader".

Comprehensive account of contents

In this book the author Helmar Neubacher introduces a new economic system called


- Two-Stream-Socialism because the two equitable streams of energy Capital and Labour

converge —
Capital and Labour foot on the same rights.

The suppliers of capital and the workforce in all companies and economic enterprises all sit at a common table and make all decisions on the basis of equal rights. At the end of the year all profits are distributed on a 50% / 50% basis to both partners. The terms employer and employee do not exist anymore — they are a thing of the past.

Basis for the new economic system is "Genuine Democracy". Genuine Democracy means that in the valid constitution the three powers judiciary, legislative and executive are sternly separated from one another. Thus, it is ensured that by separation of power there is the possibility of unrestricted control — within and outside of parliament -with the premises that only such a system of government may be called democratic. Included is a twofold government consisting of Privy Council and Council of Ministers with a total of 90 government members — the only two elements taken from the constitution of the former GDR.

For the first time, even the opposition is represented in the government: Each and everyone of the people eligible to vote and with a valid vote are represented by their percentage of the total of 90 government members in both of the parts of government mentioned, after the election — even members of parties who, because of a percent hurdle, didn’t make it into the parliament. Created has been a modified "Democratic Socialism" with the aim to change the unjust distribution of capital, property as well as real estate, for all of humankind.

In the wake of this, the rich and super-rich, millionaires and billionaires do not have to fear any kind of revolution — the live in good economic conditions with ample influence on what is happening within and outside of their country. The work force, too, lives with their families in secure economic conditions, because no one needs fear loss of employment by the competition of robots or the so-called "employers".

Suppliers of capital and the workforce in all economic ventures take all decisions as equal partners together. Bad news such as that of a German Bank, like in July 1990, by which 18,000 employees worldwide, through decision of employers and with the sole purpose of recovery of the company and to the pleasure of stockholders, without further ado lost their jobs, will, with reference to the economic system of the GDSSR, not be possible — because as a defined basic principle in the constitution, the workplace of every working person is guaranteed (Right of Employment).

As soon as the gap between rich and poor is eliminated, financiers with their capital and the working population , the latter of whom until now had sold their manpower and health to the employers, can converge on one another and come together to work for peace, nature and environment, with the result that the destructive egoism of individuals as well as whole peoples — the second biggest enemy of mankind — has lost its sting.

Capital and labour are no longer, as it has been since the beginning of time, unreconcilable enemies. The opposite is the case, because now all measures can be taken as one to save the small sphere of the Earth.

"The rich and super-rich with their capital, as well as
billions of people
with their manpower have realized that both, until now
unforgiving blocks of power
have the same aims!"

On the path towards a more just, on all levels self-controlling community, a large part of the book is concerned with the search for an "Ideal Ruler", who can rule the people with justice and who is himself accepted by the people. In this context, kings with the supplementary name "the great", former chancellor of the FRG Helmut Schmidt, Jesus and Buddha are compared with reference to their abilities and character traits, to find new governing persons who are suitable to be introduced as "Ideal Ruler" of a people.

In this search also Adolf Hitler as a single person, but also in context with Jesus and Buddha, is scrutinized. The evil of Hitler and even the combination of abilities and character traits of the founders of religion Jesus and Buddha only show the more than large danger of a new, comparable with Hitler, dictator. It becomes clear, that even with the good characteristics of Jesus and Buddha, the evil of Hitler cannot be compensated.

In the end it shows, that the rulers most suitable for any people can only come from the government system developed by the GDSSR. The presidents of the Privy Council and Council of Ministers can by all means be better suited as leaders of government that the looked for "Ideal Leader", resulting from the abilities and character traits of Helmut Schmidt, Jesus and Buddha.

Extended Abstract and Scenario of the Future

Only individuals in government that most resemble “Ideal Rulers“make it possible to lead a people through the trials and tribulations of life. Basis of their actions is the newly created system of government of GDSSR – with “Genuine Democracy” and “Two-Stream-Socialism”.

Only under this premise is it possible to conquer the killer of humankind – the rampart capitalism.

When trillions and trillions of dollars in stocks and shares and an estimated 600 million companies worldwide pulling on the same end of the rope under the premise of sustainability for humans and environment are submitted to the “New Powers” on Earth –

Capital and Workforce,

it is then, and only then that the tentative ambitions of Greta Thunberg and the children of the“Fridays for Future” movement will be crowned with success. In 2019 the inhabitants of “Humanearth” weren’t able to comprehend the dependencies of the assuming and all devouring power of capitalism, the gap between poor and rich, the relentless egoism of humankind on the one side and the sustainable treatment of the environment of the home planet on the other side.

But the millions of years old and highly developed people of the “Toranians” on a far distant Earth in the galaxy of Andromeda makes it convincingly clear to us that the small in numbers people of the GDSSR 1990/1991 with

“Genuine Democracy”
has found the last resort anchor, with the premise that the people are ruled by
Privy Presidents
Presidents of the Council

in accordance with their constitution by nearly

“Ideal Rulers”

The clever people of the “Toranians” is able to confirm the earlier made statements from own experience! Because: This people, by hair’s breadth, in the past, by egoism and stupidity nearly destroyed their own home planet and themselves!

Democracy and Future
by Helmar Neubacher, Bookauthor

Good day, ladies and gentlemen – my name is Helmar Neubacher and I come to you with a small personal message: >>Democracy and Future<<.

The European Elections 2019 have just gone by and the Social Democrat Party (SPD), after its total demise, according to the Forsa-Trend-Barometer at Pentecost, rolls around with about 12% of voters’ trust. But what is happening as an answer to this fiasco?

There does arise for us , the “voting population”, the question, if this is actually the announced strong shift which the SPD is giving itself for the purpose of renewal?

Is the desperate plea of the former “SPD Commanders” with the appeal to stand firm: “Comrades, stay on board and don’t in any case leave the sinking ship!!!”?

Obviously, one has forgotten that the “house is on fire”

The Social Democrat Leaders have obviously understood nothing
– because from out of their midst one only perceives hesitant voices
demanding a new “Declaration of Principles”
with a summarizing of goals of the “peoples Party of the ordinary Man”
convincingly expressed
and understandable for everyone!

As it is, however, it will happen as it is most likely inevitable: This becomes especially clear in an article in the “Welt am Sonntag” from the second of April 2017 to the subject of “Oscar Lafontaine’s advice to the SPD”.

A reviewer of the article by the name of Petra thereof communicates to us her complete frustration regarding her understanding of today’s democracy, as an evil scenario of the future:
She writes:

Even if it is very sad, but♥
– I am not going to vote any more.

Not because I may consider myself an victim of Mrs.Merkel’s asymmetrical demobilization, but simply because I have realized that voting doesn’t change anything, but merely legitimizes a “carry on as before” …which probably is the purpose.
And the latter I do not want by any means!
None of the parties one can vote for really has the power to change anything to a real advantage to the ordinary people of this country.
I would thus vote only if I were to completely agree to what is announced… which I really do not!
My logical consequence therefore is, to declare democracy as deceased, because for us it doesn’t really exist, and not to further participate in this bogus performance.

With kind regards

Dear Petra, I briefly answer her – you seem to be writing on behalf of 165 million citizens who didn’t take part in the 2019 European Elections, though having been eligible – and you write your lines foresightedly already on the 30th of June 2017 – two years in advance! And still, dear Petra, I here must ask the question:

Can I cheer you up a little bit in your frustration
with my thoughts
put down in the following lines?

Open Letter
Ms. Sahra Wagenknecht (Die Linke)
Mr. Kevin Kühnert (Chairman JUSO)
Read the open letter as a PDF file.

Dear Ms. Wagenknecht,
Dear Mr. Kьhnert,

Both of you indicate that you wish to change the unjust capitalistic, incorrectly called socialistic, economic system of the Federal Republic of Germany, so that all, annually by the people achieved goods and profits, be fairly distributed to all citizens. The huge discrepancy between rich and poor has by all means to be resolved – the common goal of all progressively-democratically oriented people is obviously your aim as well.

Change, however, also means the respect for our Basic Law, as long as the promised “New Constitution” is withheld from us. From this compellingly follows that you, as bearers of ideas have to unify majorities (People and Parliament) behind you. Only in that way are necessary changes of law to the good of all people possible. It is, however, very much to the disadvantage of the common cause, when you Ms. Wagenknecht, and your very often merely lamenting comrades, keep tearing each other apart. Pursue further your path, where you should be doing what you can do best:

“make a wholehearted effort for a cause
for which you personally stand, for what you say
and convincingly argue”

It was that which Herbert Wehner, back then, at a sub-area-meeting (Winsen) demanded from his voters. This forceful statement of that great politician is burnt into my memory, because I, as a minor councillor, was sitting only two or three seats away from Wehner. If you, Ms. Wagenknecht, would take the above said to heart, you can gather new strength and add new enjoyment to political life. Already in the near future we will be needing a person to unite the progressive parties and their voters.

You, Mr. Kьhnert, should consider, that the demands stated by you will generate fear in millions of people. Of what use is it, when your own voters have to fear that you will take away from them their garden gnomes after you have dispossessed the Quant family with their BMW company. With your non-substantiated theories lacking the backing of people and parliament, already a strong wind is blowing in your face coming from your own Social Democrat Party – your greatest opponents are at close proximity and they do not understand your thoughts anyway.

I would therefore like to very strongly ask of you to return to your great predecessors
In your own SPD , who already in their Godesberger Programme
Wisely, progressively and only too clearly expressed their insights
as a basis for change in democracy and economy,
Here a few excerpts:

“- Market economy in itself does not guarantee a just distribution of income and capital.”
“- Income and capital are unjustly distributed.”
“- Who, in large organizations of economy has at his disposal values going into millions and tens of thousands of employees, doesn’t only keep up economy:

He exercises power over people;
The dependence of ordinary workers and white-collar workers
reaches far beyond the economic material aspects.”

If I may, I would like to call to your attention my book:

Wir sind
– Bruch der Schere
ARM und Reich
Eine Streitschrift

Language: German
Translation of the Title: “We are the People — RUPTURE and DISCREPANCY between POOR and RICH
A disputation in writing”

There I demonstrate how “Real Democracy“ as a basis for a new kind of socialism may look like, in which Capitalism and Work Force sitting at one table can make decisions on a basis of equal rights together for all economic matters, and share the profits of their companies 50% to 50% at the end of the year.
The terms employer and employee will then no longer exist – they are a thing of the past!
On the path to an adapted “Democratic Socialism” not one drop of blood will be shed – if capital and work force will come to terms.
I would very much like to invite you, Ms.Wagenknecht and Mr. Kьhnert, to the Island of Sylt as moderators, as soon as my book is completed and I will present it in the course of a reading with the title:

»Idealer Fьhrer«

Die »friedliche Revolution« des kleinen DDR-Volkes von1989 lebt weiter…
Eine fiktive Streitschrift

Language: German

Translation of the title: “IDEAL LEADERS” or “TWO-STREAM-SOCIALISM”
The “Friendly Revolution” of the small population of the GDR of 1989 lives on…
A fictitious written dispute.

With kind regards
Helmar Neubacher

Westerland / Island of Sylt, 13th of June 2019

The second novel by Helmar Neubacher
First Edition 2012 / Reprint 2018H.
This book is the original transcription of the German book "ADOLF HITLER »DAS BÖSE« — und die Rache des Ziegenbocks von Leonding". Further Information of the book you find in fiction

Language: English

Second edition

ADOLF HITLER »THE EVIL« — and the Revenge of the Billy Goat of Leonding

Neubacher makes the »Evil« of the former »Fuehrer« of the German people subject of discussion, and gives, moreover, answers to questions that have not been answered to the present day:

- Which effect on Hitler’s life did the bite of the »Billigoat of Leonding« into the genitals of the then 9-year-old »Adi« have?

- Which influence did Hitler’s »Vienna Youth Years« have on his personal development to Germany’s »Fuehrer«, as mankind knows him today?

- From whence came Hitler’s profound hate and boisterous determination of destruction towards the Jews and all who didn’t share his opinions?

- Why and under what circumstances did »Geli« Rabaul, Hitler’s dearly beloved niece, die?

With the help of a plot device via the creation of an »Author’s first person narrative« the author cleverly introduces the story into a highly intelligent species on a »Far away Earth« which observes all doings on Earth with greatest interest but without actually interfering.

It may, in the beginning, irritate the reader that with the help of an artificial character descriptions, analyses and evaluations about the events around the dictator are given. With this operation, the author

reserves for himself as the »First person Narrative« the sovereignty of interpretation over all events.

This novel was written in honour of a nearly unknown soldier of the Third Reich. The petty corporal Eugen Wasner tells his comrade soldiers 1943 on the Eastern Front, the story of the »Bite of the Billygoat« in the Austrian Leonding then 45 years ago.

He, Hitler’s school mate, was present, as the nine-year-old »Adi« in the course of a test of courage peed the billygoat into its mouth - the billygoat however immediately took his revenge for the childish iniquity , snapping up and, with his knife sharp front teeth, biting him in his penis.

Hitler terribly punished Wasner for the proliferation of this story from childhood days.

But the revenge of the desecrated animal caught up time after time with his tormentor, the later mighty »Fuehrer« of the Germans, like a conciliatory justice - for the rest of his life!

The new book by Helmar Neubacher
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Who owns the "NEFERTITI"?
"Tutankhamen" as an object of exchange?

Queen Nefertiti

Recently I watched a television programme on the subject of "Nefertiti". Having been announced weeks before, I was really curious about what would be offered to the viewer. Summarized, a complete disappointment: very short, without any substance. Not even the unctuous words of a lady Egyptologist changed anything.

The thrilling question of the find in 1912 in the desert sand by Ludwig Borchert, the facts of the then transference to the German scientist and the disputes of recent years as to the ownership and possession remained unmentioned. In the past, again and again the interest of the public flared up at the thrilling subject of "Nefertiti", whenever the Egyptian scientist Dr.Zahi Hawass demanded of Germany the return of the famous bust. What drives the probably most famous Egyptologist to express such an objectionable request, many people asked.

After all, Dr.Hawass isn´t just anybody, but for many years had been "Lord of all Things" and thus responsible for the Egyptian pyramids and all antiquities of his country. This was valid until he turned to politics. The result is well known: He didn´t become Secretary of Education but lost, like his friend Mubarak, all functions and privileges. How did the powerful Secretary General turn to demanding the return of the "Nefertiti"; after all, the valuable object hadn´t been in the possession of the Egyptians for more than a hundred years and is generally seen today as the possession of the 80-million-people of Germans. Was it unfulfilled zest for action, desire of recognition or even pomposity of the, frequently described as being quite overbearing, Egyptian doctor in the demands he stated? Or is it with Dr.Hawass, just like with everyone else, when an unfulfilled yearning takes hold of everything that one had once possessed and loved? You will, dear reader, understand the yearning of Dr.Hawass , when I tell you this little story:

When in the year 2008 I expressed the wish to be permitted to take a few photos in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, I was, after several unsuccessful attempts, instructed by the registry and directorate of the museum that only Dr.Hawass could give the photo permission. Perforce I had to thus make my way to the feared-by-all top custodian of all Egyptian treasures. So one morning I stood all alone in front of the steps that led into the sacred office rooms of the "Almighty". After an exciting trip by taxi through a nearly traffic light void Cairo, I briefly halted at the first step of the stairs, but then gathered all my courage and pounded up the steep stairs. Then I was left with amazement and thoughtfulness as my eyes fell on the magnificent bust of "Nefertiti", a true to the original copy of the genuine one in Berlin. The queen of all queens beamed at me from a cabinet at a distance of some thirteen metres. This effigy, object of a famous, transnational quarrel, I really hadn´t expected. My foot hesitated, my breath accelerated, because at once it struck me that this picture has its daily effect on the famous doctor every time he enters his office. From time to time his stride may slow down and his thoughts may revolve around the genuine "Nefertiti" in far away Berlin. Suddenly I understood that at this sight, each and every time a deep pain takes hold of the doctor´s heart.

A short information for the reader: I did get the photo permit, even though the doctor´s secretary assumed that my chances would amount to about zero. But strangely enough, this story took an entirely different turn of events for me. Suddenly there stood beside this gruff secretary a young Egyptian lady, beamed at me and asked in perfect German: "What then is your profession, sir?" As an answer I merely managed to stammer "Technical Instructor". "So you are a teacher, and you would be needing the photos for your students?" "Ah,ah" I stammered, but the young lady gave me no opportunity to set things right and explain that I was going to use the photos for my books on the construction of Egyptian pyramids. The young lady turned on her heel and stormed into her boss´s office, returned after 30 seconds with the permit of my photo application and said good bye with the words:" All the best to you, Mr.Neubacher, and a lot of success in the museum." With that I was left on my own without even having seen as much as the tip of the nose of the famous Egyptologist Dr. Hawass.

That especially for me, a whole department of the National Museum was closed to the public I probably needn´t to mention — as well as the two employees that were deployed at my disposal. I thank them still today that they carefully measured out my photo objects with the help of huge ladders and measuring tapes. Thus you can see once again, what the sole signature of the "big ones" can mean for us "small ones"!

The bottom line of the story is the following idea

King Tut ankh amen

The Egyptian National Museum in Cairo leaves in exchange for the original bust of "Nefertiti" to the Egyptian Museum in Berlin one of the three gold-plated original coffins of the pharaoh Tutankhamen plus a gilt copy of the death mask of the famous child king, one of the model vessels from his tomb and including the copy of "Nefertiti" from the offices of Dr.Hawass.(1). The latter would have crowned his life´s work with the homecoming of "Nefertiti" and the Egyptian Museum Berlin would once again be owner of an equally valuable relic from the ancient wonderland of Egypt – as before.

With such an agreement between Egypt and Germany we would have set a small sign for international understanding and friendship between peoples in our tumultuous times. It may certainly seem a bit audacious, to connect to this the wish, that the current conflict in Egypt between the government and the opposition may be attenuated by this example of compromise and mutual agreement among peoples. The at this time probably unconciliatory leaders of both opposing parties may possibly react concerned, and then settle the seemingly insurmountable differences of opinion fraternally and friendly amongst Egyptian brothers.

(1) The completely made of gold inner coffin of the pharaoh can, of course, never be an exchange object, in order not to encroach the value of the complete ensemble and the unique funerary objects.

Helmar Neubacher, December 2012
Readers´ letters are very welcome
(The editorial office)

The following text as a radio play:

Queen Nefertiti