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From Aladdin and his magic Lamp via the Brothers Grimm up to Harry Potter! Fairy talesthrilling stories are tied into this field. Stories of times long gone by and of today for the very little ones to the really grown-ups! Myths and fables belong in here, too.

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Author: Heidi Iris Büsching
Title: Augen wie Sterndiamanten — Ein Sylter Abenteuer-Märchen
(Eyes like star diamonds – an adventure fairytale of the Island of Sylt)

The book can be purchased in your book shop or online:

Publishers: Books on Demand, Norderstedt

Release 2007

Book: Hardback, 136 pages, with 53 charming illustrations in colour by the Sylt artist Michael-Ferdinand Waldmann

ISBN: 978-3-8334-7217-6

Language: German

A Sylt adventure fairytale with charming illustrations inviting big and small to dream

Xenia, ea sea gull from the sunken City in the Sea one day lies on the mud flats off the Island of Sylt. Christina finds her and takes her home with her to the house on the dune. Quickly it turns out that the sea gull, whose eyes are shining like star diamonds, is an enchanted sea gull who wants to invite four lovable people to the sunken city. This she achieves and for all of them it becomes a perfectly dreamlike as well as exciting experience. There they meet:

Heidi Iris Büsching

Was born in North-Rhine-Westphalia in 1947. In the 80ies she had first contacts to the Island of Sylt. She was immediately captivated by its charm which from then on never released her. So she decided to permanently set up home in Westerland, together with her husband. In all these years she experienced the island, its legends and stories, its flora and fauna in all its possible facets.

Heidi Iris Büsching: "There were no limits to her overflowing imagination and so this charming adventure fairytale was created, which will make the island an enchanted place in the ocean, never to be forgotten."

Illustrations by the artist Michael-Ferdinand Waldmann, Westerland