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In fiction you will find a wide variety of books made for entertainment and concerning the past, the present and the future. There are e.g. novels, narratives, but also poems, drama and stories.

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New book by Helmar Neubacher
DAS SCHWEIN AUF DEM TRAPEZ - Retter unserer Welt?

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Publisher: Books on Demand, Norderstedt

Released: September 2022

Book: Paperback, 120 pages

ISBN-13: 978-3755795353

Language: German

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ISBN-13: 978-3755795353

Language: German

…… it's 5 minutes to 12.00!

1. Since the beginning of 2022, the Russian president has been engaged in a war of attrition with the brotherly people of Ukraine. Without any consideration, people and facilities built by people, including schools and facilities, such as hospitals, old people's homes, etc. are simply bombed away! Men, women, children and even babies are dying a cruel and senseless death. Even a nuclear power station is under fire.

Young Russian men and women are also dying soldierly deaths. Mothers mourn the death of their sons and daughters whom they will never hold in their arms again. Today, Russian mothers mourn just as their own mothers did when that world aggressor Hitler invaded their country with his soldiers in June 1941. But this time the weeping mothers do not belong to the proud people of the Russians who defended their homeland from 1941 to 1945, no, they belong to the people of the invaders!

2. Every moment the rich get richer and the gap between rich and poor continues to increase. continues to widen unhindered. Capitalists use every means at their disposal, in order to accumulate more and more capital, without any consideration for the environment and the practically lawless, totally dependent working people.

To the 1.:

The peoples need a functioning NEW GOVERNMENT SYSTEM. The citizens must be protected from those in power - e.g. from making war without legitimacy. Those must also be protected from themselves, e.g. from using the power given to them by the electorate.

To the 2.:

TWO CURRENT SOCIALISM is the "magic word" that will give billions of working people and the millions of investors alike a fair and secure income.

Note: Even the millennia-long struggle between employers and workers for the profit generated would also be history - even the terms of employer and employee would no longer exist:

Instead, capital providers and workers would now be pulling in the same direction, and in many millions of companies they make all decisions equally and share at the end of the year the profits 50% to 50%!

But the exciting question remains, what power moves the RICH and the SUPER-Rich to reach out to the billions of hitherto completely dependent workers and to share brotherly with them!

To the 1. + 2.: Dear reader, please refer to the above book - it gives the answers!

Author: Helmar Neubacher
Title: ADOLF HITLER "DIE ENTTARNUNG" Liebe, Sex und Tod Reprint 2022

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Publisher: Books on Demand, Norderstedt

Released: July 2022

Book: Paperback, 112 pages

ISBN-13: 978-3753453224

Language: German

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ISBN-13: 978-3753453224

Language: German

ADOLF HITLER - a name that immediately electrifies everyone when it is mentioned

Behind the name, however, is a man who came from Austria and implemented his crazy thoughts in Germany. From 1933 onwards, he first harassed the people in our country, and when he felt strong enough, he oppressed whole nations with his gang of murderers.

I, the author, am one of the last who lived as a baby and child for five years in the same country as that monster. I, too, felt the iron-hard rod of Hitler when, in the cold winter of 1944/45, I had to leave my beloved homeland of East Prussia with my two brothers under our mother's care.

The last of us from that time of the murderous Second World War still feel the consequences today, for our homeland is lost for all time.

Of course, I only know the stories of that time, including the escape from the Russians over ice and snow, from my mother's stories.

But when we, the last ones from back then, leave, our mother's stories die too - there will be no one left who was there and can describe the horror of the war at first hand.

The question that now moves me at the end of my life is:

Why did only the German people, the so-called people of poets and of thinkers, so willingly follow that charlatan and mass murderer, and support him to the point of self-sacrifice?

I am amazed when I realise that even today many Germans are enthusiastic about Hitler.

And I am even more amazed when I hear so many words of appreciation from the mouths of my compatriots for the Russian president who in 2022 invaded his neighbouring country, Ukraine, by means of aggressive war.

And I am downright shocked at how a former German Chancellor, whose name I will not mention, smooches, kisses and embraces the aggressor. As a member of the great peace party SPD, this ex-chancellor would have the chance to act as a role model and warn millions of young people against the horrors of any war!

The Author

Author: Helmar Neubacher
Title: ADOLF HITLER »THE EVIL« — and the Revenge of the Billy Goat of Leonding This book is the original transcription of the German book "ADOLF HITLER »DAS BÖSE« — und die Rache des Ziegenbocks von Leonding". First Edition 2012 / Reprint 2018H.

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Publishers: Books on Demand, Norderstedt

ISBN: 978-3-7322-1417-4
Paperback, 144 pages

Language: English

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Child’s prank of Adolf Hitler - A historically documented story

During his school holidays of 1898, the nine year old »Adi« peed into the mouth of a billy goat in the meadows of Leonding/Austria.

- a children’s prank with school mates but with far reaching consequences for the adult Adolf Hitler. The revenge of the disgraced animal will grow to be a nightmare of the mighty »Fuehrer« of the German people,
Already during the dishonourable deed the billy goat bit Adi into his penis. Through this, not only did the knife sharp teeth of the goat change the shape of »Adi’s Zebedee«, but also continuously changed the character of the great »warlord« in the direction of the »absolute evil«.

It thus explains, that Adi’s childhood friend Eugen Wasner had to die under the guillotine in Berlin Plцtzensee 45 years after the childhood disgraceful deed. As a corporal on the Russian eastern front in 1943, Eugen Wasner told his comrade soldiers of Hitler’s childhood »billy goat adventure« – after all, Wasner was present at the infamous act.

As a result of the bite, »Adi’s« first erotic adventure, that with a Jewish prostitute in Vienna in the year of 1908, turned into a fiasco. After that, the most deeply insulted youth could only hate everything that was Jewish and did not fit into the world of his ideas. Extremely tragically, too, did the failed erotic adventure of the grown-up Hitler in 1931 end. His dearly beloved, 22-year old niece »Geli« Raubal became, because of insider knowledge, a danger to the entire cause of the NSDAP (Nazi party), after having rejected her love-hungry uncle as her husband.


Special remark to the author’s »Author’s first person narrative«

It may, in the beginning, irritate the reader that with the help of an artificial character in three chapters of the book, descriptions, analyses and evaluations about the events around the dictator Adolf Hitler are given. With this »operation« the author reserves for himself with a so-called »Author’s first person narrative« the sovereignty of interpretation over the events mentioned. Especially the alarming events around the former »Fuehrer« of the Germans can now be assessed from the point of view of a millions of years old people. The name of the artificial character is »Immo« – a history student of the Toranian people who live 2.5 million light years distant from us humans on a« Far away Earth« (see also pp.11,13).

Chapter 9 as a radio play:

Radio play: ADOLF HITLER »THE EVIL« — and the Revenge of the Billy Goat of Leonding

Author: Helmar Neubacher
Title: Prinzessin der Herzen — ein Drama im Spiegel der Galaxien

You can purchase the book in your book shop or online:

Publishers: Books on Demand, Norderstedt

ISBN: 978-3-8423-5222-3
Paperback, 164 pages

Language: German

The death of Lady Diana in a new light

The fate of the English Princess DIANA wrapped in a thrilling story on a far distant Earth with the title: »Princess of Hearts — in the View of Galaxies«

…infinitely distant and yet so close…

The exciting novel by Helmar Neubacher takes the fate of the English Princess DIANA as an occasion to make a subject of putting three narrative focuses ornately into relation to one another.

The wheel of fate is turning faster and faster on a planet whose development is running parallel to ours. The unloved member of a royal dynasty threatens, by his escapades, to jeopardize the survival of the monarchy. The state machinery is called in to expedite a solution which will satisfy all levels of those representing the state. An agent couple, on behalf of close-to-government circles, ensures with its covert activities and criminal instinct the preparation of a lethal success. The fact that »sex and crime« don't lose out in the event should cause the one or other pleasant hour for the reader.

It is about the classic conflict with which people are confronted, when their survival, their biggest possible benefit is only to be achieved at the expense of others — conscience, duty, loyalty and love put the individual before decisions in which he can become nothing but guilty.

All these events are observed with greatest of interest: By a species which in the course of its evolution has developed to a high degree, but lost its feelings on the way.

Where does the path of the people of 2012 lead, if the speed of development in the next 1,000, 100,000 or even 1,000,000 years goes on at the speed it has been going for the last 140 years?

Does the book here present open a glance into »the mirror of our own future«, in which the mechanization ousts and eventually replaces the »human-all-too-human«?

An exceedingly captivating and thrilling story which finds its end in the year of 1997 — and the unusual fate of a royal princess which triggers sympathy and dismay in everyone.

The author endeavors to shed a light on the story of the fate of Princess DIANA and to direct a new light from a different angle of view on the event of her death in a Parisian motorway tunnel — far from the complacent and as final declared answers.

As one sheet of foolscap fits on another, so the story of Princess APHRODITE on a far distant earth may be transcribed to the fate of the famous DIANA.

— marked by love, lies, treason, violence and death!