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About me:

The Path to my Books:

My 3 Non-fiction books

About 6 years ago I coincidentally watched a TV programme. An American scientist tried to raise up obelisks (huge stone pillars made of granite) in the Nevada Desert by means of supersized kites. - For her tests she employed the power of the wind. The team of the scientist stated: If the method of using kites works for the stone obelisks weighing tons, one could deduce that the ancient Egyptians employed this method to build their huge pyramids.

For myself, I immediately ruled out this possibility - because the wind is a rather capricious fellow! That I know from long haul sailing journeys for years during holidays and weekends by the North Sea and Baltic Sea. But something must have happened. There must have been a "spark" that jumped over to me from the kites to the Egyptian pyramids. After that, the thought about the construction of the pyramids, and especially the pyramid of Cheops, kept pursuing me!

The result you may see, dear author and reader, in the form of my three books on the construction of the pyramids. Travels to Egypt, numerous elaborate tests and my many friends in Thailand helped. A whole new theory developed as to how the master-builders of now 4,600 years ago could have achieved it!

My 1. Novel

It was different with my first novel - there had been neither TV programmes nor kites that enticed me to write a book. How I came to this "balancing act" between the ancient Egyptians and a story infinitely far away on a strange planet in the immenseness of space, I do not know.

I really have no explanation what led me, at the age of over 70 years, to write a storyline that takes place on a far planet - a storyline containing a lot of sex, too.

The work place of the very much venerated by me world famous author Thomas Mann (fig.1) in his house on the Courland Spit, it really couldn't have been.

Still I am hoping that many readers will have a lot of pleasure with my first novel "Prinzessin der Herzen - ein Drama im Spiegel der Galaxien"and have before them a thrilling and interesting story.

The author Helmar Neubacher in front of the Thomas-Mann-House

The Thomas-Mann-House in Nida (German: Nidden) on the Courland Spit in the now Lithuania - app. 48 kilometres distant from Klaipeda (until 1945 Memel/Eastern Rrussia/Germany).

1930 to 1932 Thomas Mann spent his holidays here.

Thomas Mann became famous especially with his novel "Buddenbrooks", publishes in the year 1900. For this oeuvre he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1929.

The "about me" of the Author

Helmar Neubacher, born on the 6th of April, 1940, in Sakuten, District of Memel,formerly Germany.